Friday, November 13, 2009

Seaweed Soup

Paid a visit to my eldest sister and she recommended this recipe to me. She told me her daughter love it very much. She immediately gave me some seaweed (or more accurately Hai Dai) and ask me to try out. I found out it uses salted vegetable or Shi Chuan. This dish might not be very suitable for toddler but for someone who loves salty and a bit spicy soup, should give it a try.

Prepare Time: 30min
Cook Time: 30min
Serving: 3-4 persons

Estimate Cost: Not avaible

Seaweed 300gram
Tomato one piece
Ginger one small piece
Coriander or Chinese Celery one stalk
Tofu one piece (optional)
Salted and spicy vegetable (Shi Chuan) one quarter
Chicken meat 100gram (slide)
Water - 1 litre

1. Wash and drain the seaweed and cut or tear into small pieces.
2. Wash and drain the Shi Chuan and slide thin.
3. Remove ginger skin and slide thin.
4. Slide chicken meat and blanch and set aside.
5. Wash coriander and chop into inch and set aside.
6. Heat up water and add in the seaweed, Shi Chuan, ginger and chicken meat.
7. Cook until boil and add tomato slice and tofu.
8. Cover the pot lid and cook for about 20min in low heat or until the seaweed turns very soft.
9. Add in the coriander and serve warm.

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