Saturday, November 7, 2009

Roselle Syrup and Jam

I learn about roselle plant when i was a little girl. My parents planted the trees in the garden. We use it to make syrup drinks. I was always attracted to it. Last two weeks, i spotted it in the market and without hesitating, i bought half a kilogram at RM2. One auntie taught me to blend and cook the after-boiled calyces for jam. I bought a kilogram of organic sugar for taste as i know it is going to consume a lot of sugar due to its distinct sour taste. The syrup is good especially after chilling. My hubby loves it! As for the jam, i spread it on bread or biscuits and it is good! The aroma for jam is less as compare to the syrup.

Prepare Time: 10min
Cook Time: 30min
Serving: Around two bottles of 1.5litres mineral water containers and 1 cup of jam

Estimate Cost: RM5

Roselle flowers half a kilogram
Sugar a cup
Water 4litres

1. Discard the seeds, keep and wash the calyces.
2. Boil water and add in the calyces. Boil for 10min or when the calyces loss the color.
3. Add in sugar and let it cools down before storage.
4. Remove the calyces from the syrup.
5. Blend the calyces after it gets cold.
6. Cook the calyces in a pan for about 5min, low heat, and add in sugar for taste.

Roselle benefits can be found at:

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