Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Made Chili Paste

I like hot and spicy food. In the past, i use to cook with the ready make chili paste for curry fish head, curry chicken and other possible ready made chili paste available in market. After some insight views from my sister, i came to realize with a very minimum effort i can also cook very nice hot and spicy food without buying any ready made chili paste from supermarket. In fact i was quite proud with it because i can also proudly present some tasty chili food at home. Hubby loves my chili food.

In the past i was quite hesitate to cook hot and spicy food at home using natural ingredients because i need to blend chili, onion and garlic each time i want to cook chili food. With this recipe, you can prepare the chili paste in quite a lump sum and frozen it for later use. I found it very convenient and do not worry the freshness of the paste as it remind good after 2-3 months in my fridge. Just let it cools down in room temperature for at least one hour before you want to scope out the portion you want. After that just put it back for frozen.

Below recipe will produce around 500gram chili paste.

Prepare Time: 1 hour

Dry Chili 150gram
Onion medium size 8 pieces
Garlic 6 gloves
Candle nuts (Buah Keras) 100gram - optional but it adds the aromatic of the paste

1. Cut away the top part of the chili. Cut the dry chili into halves with scissor. Remove the chili seeds by cutting through the halved chili and remove the seeds with scissor.
2. Add hot water to the chili until it is fully covered and rest it until it becomes soft.
3. Drain away the water.
4. Peel off the onion and garlic skin. Wash and drain well.
5. Wash the candle nuts and drain well.
6. Divide all the ingredients into two portion so that it can fit into the standard blender.
7. Add some water when the chili mixture stick on the blender side wall. Continue blending it until it turns to a smooth mixture or paste.
8. Repeat for the another portion.
9. Add the two portion together after blend and store in a storage for later use.

Remark: This chili paste will become the standard chili paste in any of my chili recipe in this blog.
Let say, if you want to add some kunyit in your recipe, just blend the kunyit and afterwards mix into this chili paste.

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