Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anchovies Chili or Sambal Ikan Bilis

After introducing my home made chili paste, i will start to introduce some chili food using this chili paste. First of all, the simplest but very yummy dish will be anchovies chili or sambal ikan bilis. This is a simple dish however when i was first try out i failed! I did not cook long enough as the result it was still taste "wet". Oil must be sufficient! My second and third attempt were turn out failing too due to i did not put enough cooking oil and the end result turned up very dry and it was like almost "burn out". So, the secret is cook longer until it turns brown red and cooking oil must be sufficient. Too little or too much will also jeopardize the taste. I observed 1 tablespoon of chili should follow with 1 tablespoon of chili paste. Try it out!

Prepare Time: 5min
Cook Time: 10min
Serving: 3-4 persons

Estimate Cost: RM2

Home made chili paste 6 spoons
Cooking oil 6 tablespoons
Anchovies 100gram or depend
Sugar 1 tablespoon

1. Remove the head and the internal organs of anchovies.
2. Wash and drain the anchovies and set aside.
3. Heat up the fry pan and add in the cooking oil.
4. Deep fry anchovies until it turns crunchy or brown and set aside.
5. Reduce heat to low.
6. Pour in the home made chili paste and stir continuously to avoid the paste from burn.
7. Keep stirring until the chili turns to brownish red.
8. Add in the sugar and stir a short while.
9. Turn off the heat.
10. Add in fried anchovies and stir evenly then serve.

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